Seeking Kemetic bloggers for our KIN pages!

We are very interested in making the KIN blog (the page you’re currently reading) more active. Specifically, we’d like to see some Kemetic bloggers here as authors, writing about their personal religious experiences with the gods of Kemet, or their traditions, as they live them every day.

If you’re interested in being one of our guest bloggers for this site, either for one post or a series, or you’d like to report about an existing Kemetic blog for us to review and/or link to, please contact us via email to: with details.

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2 Responses to Seeking Kemetic bloggers for our KIN pages!

  1. Sopdetmuti says:

    Em hotep !
    The goal is to provide testimony of faith in daily life, opinions, ideas ?

  2. Karen Blackburn says:

    I would love to hear how others came to worship the Gods/Goddesses and what was the defining moment when they knew who the true Gods were. For me, I’ve worshipped them subconciously since I was about 7yrs old but it was only when the sunday school I attended was talking about how to become a christian that I realised that Jesus could never hold my heart as I had given it to Amun many years ago. I’ve remained faithful eversince (40+ yrs and counting) though it is only recently that I have been open about my beliefs to others (my husband and daughter excepting as they have always known). How did others ‘convert’ or was it an instictive childhood knowledge that there could only be one true faith?

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