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Welcome to the Kemetic Interfaith Network (KIN) message forums!

We expect our guests and posters to abide within Ma’at when posting here – with respect and politeness toward all other posters, even when disagreeing. This applies to private message-posts as well as postings in the public forums. Because KIN includes members of all ages, we ask that you refrain from using:

1. Vulgarity

2. “Masked Vulgarity” — writing a vulgar word with a letter exchanged with another symbol to avoid the automatic censor, but the new word still is recognizable as a vulgar word. For example: typing “cen$ored” instead of “censored,” where censored is a vulgar word

3. “Flames” — personal attacks on other posters or other people.

4. Embedded Flames — posts containing arguments with some validity, but whose contents are primarily directed at discrediting, humiliating, or otherwise attacking the reputation, behavior, or credibility of another, are not permitted.

5. Posting advertisements to sell items or services, except in designated advertisement areas.

6. Spam — Multiple duplicate posting in one or more topics.

7. Posting copyrighted material without prior permission.

8. Deliberately pulling conversations off topic.

9. Oversized graphics in signatures (you may be asked to trim graphics if they are larger than 200×100 or violate any of the above rules).

Please remember that even if you are a KIN member, as a poster on these privately-owned forums, you are a guest on our service, which we provide without charge. If you violate our forum policy your posts may be pulled and you may be banned from our system. This is not a public system and posting here is a privilege, not a right.

To quote the forums of a Kemetic temple on a good way to tell if something is appropriate to post: “If you wouldn’t say it to an individual’s face within earshot of their six year old son or daughter, don’t say it here.”

Copyright Info: Unless otherwise stated, all posts belong to their owners. Unless you have permission from them, you cannot duplicate material posted here anywhere else. Likewise, we do not permit the posting of copyrighted material to our forums without the author’s prior permission. Posts containing copyrighted content without permission will be deleted by the moderators.

Multiple Accounts: Multiple accounts assigned to the same individual are


permitted without prior permission. This includes accounts that are “collective” — e.g., a personal account for Joe-hotep and an account for Joe-hotep’s business used by Joe only. If you must have more than one account due to computer or location issues, contact our moderators and we will discuss permissible options. Registering additional accounts for reasons of duplicity (to respond to your own arguments, to flame users anonymously, to get around an existing ban on another account, etc.), will result in all those accounts and yourself being banned from our forums. If you have lost your password, please see the FAQ for password help.

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