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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I write, paint, and sing / write lyrics in a band (a duo actually). Male, bodybuilder, sci fi fan, big music fan. I read primarily non-fiction. I guess it goes without saying that Kemeticism is a large part of who I am.


This little known Kemetic goddess is represented as a hare or a hare headed woman, and her name means “swift one”. She was the patron god of the 15th nome of upper Egypt originally called Wenu, then Hermopolis Magna later. … Continue reading

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Not Decaying In The Other World

My first post for the KIN Forum page is also my first “N” post for the Pagan Blog Project . It is directly from Normandi Ellis’ “Awakening Osiris” and is one of my favourite pieces. It has been translated from two … Continue reading

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