Reblog: Kemetism: The Red-Headed Step Child of Paganism

I read this post last week, and I thought it was really interesting. You should consider giving the original poster your thoughts on the idea!


So, I started a new Kemetics only group on FB this week because of some discussion that happened. I ended up doing it, initially, as a joke. However, it’s actually starting to take off. This surprised the hell out of me because I didn’t seem to realize that there are other Kemetics out there who don’t have a place to talk about things with others. And to be honest, aside from the Kemetic SIG on the forum, I very rarely get into any conversations about Kemetism in any way, shape, or form. If I do, my audience tends to stare at me with glazed eyes because they don’t understand what it is I’m saying. (I need to carry a permanent list of Kemetic terms tattooed to my forearm or something so people will know what I mean when I’m discussing isfet and ma’at.) It’s at the point where I pretty much just discuss whatever with Devo with occasional forays with other Kemetics like Helmsman of Yinepu and Mr. Walsh. Anyway, a conversation began to grow out of a question I asked in the group about what kind of Kemetic these new members happen to be…

…and the explosion turned into my mini-rant about how Kemetism is the Red-Headed Step Child of paganism.


See the whole post here.

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